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Business Results Through High Impact People Solutions


​​The Yin and Yang of Change

​"In order to achieve sustainable and transformational change, leaders must manage the external, tactical, side of change and lead the internal, people side of change."

Kathie Scott


Organizational Effectiveness

Change Management and People Change Strategies
Over 70% of organizational changes fail. We believe the key to a successful and sustainable change is to integrate your business strategy with a people change strategy. Using a proven framework, we will partner with you to create people change strategies on a wide variety of transitions from organizational design to integration of new systems, programs and processes. Regardless if changes are company-wide or within a business unit/s, having a people change strategy will create stronger, more resilient teams and will accelerate lasting organizational results.

Culture Integration
Culture is the combination of values, beliefs, behaviors and operating norms of the organization. If you have recently experienced a merger, acquisition or major reorganization, we will partner with you to create one culture that fuels your mission. The People Change Strategy tools and framework will accelerate buy-in and ownership of the determined values, beliefs, behaviors and operating norms. Next we will determine how to integrate the desired culture into everyday business to the point it is just part of your organization’s DNA.

Company Mission, Vision, and Values

A clearly defined mission and vision are the foundation for direction setting and achieving organizational success. We can help you define or update your mission and vision and we will analyze the desired future state vs. current state to determine strengths to leverage and challenges to address. In addition, we will work with you to identify values and behaviors that define how you want to achieve your mission and desired brand as well as implement a plan to integrate those behaviors into your culture.

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement is an emotional connection an employee feels to your organization and its goals. You can maximize employee work results, build commitment and minimize turnover by connecting to both the hearts and minds of your employees. People need to feel valued and involved and they need to have the skills and tools to do the job. We will analyze your various processes and programs to identify areas of opportunity and work with you to implement high impact people solutions.

Employee Onboarding
A positive and meaningful employee onboarding experience is the foundation to employee engagement and retention…and to accelerating business results. We will partner with you to create or update your process so that employees feel welcomed, confident and eager to begin their new career.

Diversity & Inclusion
How do you value, manage and leverage diversity to maximize results and create an inclusive work environment where employees feel valued and respected?  We will help you develop strategies and actions that will identify roadblocks and biases, create greater understanding, impact the culture (bring your stated values to life), invite and leverage individual and team strengths, and attract top talent. You do not need to create a “program” but instead create awareness and build leadership skills that will integrate these strategies into how you do business every day.