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Leadership and Team Development

Executive and Senior Leader Coaching
The title of one of Marshall Goldsmith’s books says it all: “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.” To grow your organization, you must continuously grow your leaders. We have a proven track record for delivering impactful intensive one on one coaching with senior and executive leaders. We use a wide variety of methodologies and assessments to provide feedback to our clients and we support them in creating targeted development plans to enhance their emotional intelligence and elevate their leadership capabilities.

Change Leadership
Organizations don’t make change successful—people do. We can provide your leaders and teams with change leadership skills so that they are agile and change-ready. Change is an emotional journey. We facilitate Leading Change training in a two-step approach. First, we focus on the individual leader and build self-awareness and skills on transitioning through the emotional stages of change so that they are equipped to let go of the “old” and focus forward taking charge of their own transition. Secondly, we build their skills at leading others through changes and transitions in a way that builds employee resilience and engagement.  

Action Learning Development Programs for High Potential Leaders
Accelerate the leadership readiness of your next generation of leaders with a systematic
approach that connects leadership development with key business strategies and goals. We will work with you to design and deliver a customized leadership program for groups of high potential leaders. These programs are a blended approach that includes classroom training, assessments, targeted development plans, action learning projects, and mentoring.

Team Building

Team Building is about building team effectiveness, synergy, learning and commitment. The team can be an intact team or a cross functional team. When a new team is formed, we will work with the team to create a vision that aligns with the organization’s mission, clarify goals and roles and establish operating guidelines. For existing teams, we will customize the solution based on the specific need be it communication, collaboration, trust etc.

Mentor Programs
Mentoring is a strategic business tool that has many benefits. Effective Mentor Programs attract and retain top talent, accelerate leadership development and bench- strength, foster organizational culture, learning and engagement, and bridge the gap for under-represented groups such as women and other minorities. We will work with you to create and implement the mentor program that meets your business needs.

New Leader Assimilation
The Center for Creative Leadership reports that 40% of new executive transitions fail within 18 months. With proactive involvement and a plan, you can improve the chances that everyone will succeed. We will help you create an effective Leader Assimilation process for your new executive.

​​The Power of Your

Leadership Brand

"Your Leadership Brand is a promise of unique value to those you serve; your team, colleagues, organization, and customers. When you deliver your promise authentically, consistently, and deliberately, you differentiate yourself and increase your impact."

Kathie Scott

Founder and President

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​Columbia, SC