K. Scott and Associates, LLC

Business Results Through High Impact People Solutions


"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

- Warren Bennis

Successful companies know that it takes more than sophisticated systems, processes and policies to be competitive and achieve financial results. It requires effective leaders who are focused forward and able to create and inspire teams of engaged capable employees. 
How do you develop your leaders and create a winning culture?

K. Scott and Associates is a consulting and coaching practice helping organizations achieve business results through high impact people solutions. Why high impact people solutions? Because businesses don’t get results, people do. Highly skilled and experienced at assessing and diagnosing organizational needs, we apply a holistic and pragmatic approach to connect people, systems and processes to the strategy and mission of the organization. We collaborate with our clients to determine and deliver customized and sustainable solutions that build organization, individual leader and team capabilities to meet the business goals.  

Regardless of the organizational need, the solution includes proactive leadership support and involves and engages the appropriate stakeholders. For solutions to be sustainable, we believe leaders must connect in a meaningful and authentic way to both the hearts and the minds of their customers, colleagues and employees.

Leadership and
Team Development

Organizational Effectiveness 

  • Executive and Senior Leader Coaching         
  • Change Leadership
  • Action Learning Development Programs for         High Potential Leaders
  • Team Building
  • Mentor Programs
  • ​New Leader Assimilation
  • Change Management & People Change        Strategies
  • Culture Integration
  • Company Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Employee Engagement​

​"Over the years, I have benefited from Kathie’s coaching and consulting in a number of ways; especially when leading change and building teams.  During change initiatives she has helped me  identify effective ways to engage my team and others, gain their buy-in, and minimize resistance. Working with Kathie has enhanced my change leadership skills while developing agility and resilience in my team.  With her facilitation and guidance, my teams were able to connect the dots between our objectives, the overall strategy and values of the organization, and just as importantly, connect with each other.  As a result, people became focused in a common direction. Kathie understands our business and understands how to develop our leaders."

Lee Fryland

Executive Vice President, EPMO - Enterprise Enablement and Execution Services

South State Bank

North Charleston, SC